Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Free Fiction: Doggone Part Nine (A Lenny Parker serial) by Jochem Vandersteen

Lenny Parker, PI / roadie / metalhead is back in a new serial, blending a bit of comedy with a hardboiled detective story, one feet into metal culture. This time he is hired to track down a missing dog. Read the other parts here.


Lenny’s stomach turned when the two dogs started to fight. He just couldn’t bear watching it. Even the sounds sickened him. He averted his gaze, not even caring that would cause suspicion. He looked right in the eyes of Cliff. What was he doing there?
Cliff now noticed Lenny as well. “Parker? What the hell are you doing here?”
“That’s what I was wondering about you,” Lenny said.
Cliff stood, pointing an accusing finger at Lenny and shouted, “This dude’s a private investigator!”
“Shit,” was all Lenny could think of to say. The muscular guys who had been at the door had heard Cliff shouting and walked into his direction. That would be trouble. Lenny decided to take a run for it. There were two ways to run. One way would take him directly in the arms of the bouncers. The other way would lead him to the ring. He liked vicious dogs better than vicious men.
His weight didn’t make him the best climber, but the guys who were behind him motivated him enough to climb the gate and get inside the ring. The spectators were shouting at him to get out. The two dogs noticed him and growled at him.
“Easy, easy…” Lenny told the dogs, showing his empty hands. “I don’t mean you any harm.”
The dogs were on him before he knew it, knocking him over. One of the dogs started to tear at his pants, the other one was going for his throat. He figured the one at his throat should be his highest priority so he tried to arm it away. With all the strength gained from carrying around amplifiers, monitors and all sorts of other gear he pushed the dog away from him. He kicked at the other dog, feeling so damned sorry for having to hurt it. He managed to get the two animals away from him for a second though. He ran for the gate. There was a bolt that unlocked it. He used it. The dogs saw their way to freedom opened and decided that to be more interesting than his meaty ass. The ran into the crowd who started to panic.
Lenny took out his cell phone and called 911. Before he could say anything he felt something cold against his neck. He glanced down and saw it was a stiletto knife. The voice of Luis sounded behind him.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing asshole? Drop the phone.”
Lenny complied. The phone hitting the floor with a dull thud. “Take it easy, Luis.”
Luis grabbed Lenny by the hair, turning him around to face him. The knife stayed at Lenny’s neck. He hated it when someone pulled his hair. He kicked Luis in the nuts. Luis let go of the hair and the knife was lowered as he sank down on his knees. Getting a steel-toed boot in the ball sack will do that to you. Lenny put his boot in Luis’ face and kicked the knife out of his hands. He picked it up and threw it away. He then picked up his phone and finished the 911 call.

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