Saturday, May 4, 2019

Crimson Blood (Max Sawyer) by Douglas Pratt

If you visit this blog often you know I prefer fast-paced books with easy to read, spare prose. Well, that makes this book a winner.
Max Sawyer is a former reporter who has enough money to basically live well. When he meets an attractive woman at a bar who is murdered that same night he sets out to find out who killed her. Together with his ex-Marine buddy Leo he uncovers a nefarious child pornography ring and dispenses some vigilante justice.
I was a bit surprised how hardboiled a killer Max could be. He didn't really seem the type at the beginning, coming over like  a laid-back kind of guy who liked to drink and have a good time. Also, as he had no background as a cop or soldier I didn't figure on it. Leo is of course, the traditional psychotic sidekick we all love.
I really liked how the story flowed and was always eager to read the next chapter. I liked how the scenes with the casual love interest were written and the tight way the action scenes were written.
Really going to read more of these. Yeah, it's pulp I guess, but I love that.

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