Sunday, May 20, 2007

Review of Priest (Jack Taylor) by Ken Bruen

As with most Jack Taylor novels they're not really about the crimes or the mysteries, rather about the main character.
We follow Irish Jack Taylor's release from a mental hospital and his fight against alcoholism. Aling the way he meets a young fan who becomes his sidekick of sorts. Soon it makes Jack feel like a father to the kid, Cody.
He's hired to track down the killer of child-abusing priests. A very dark subject, taken on without any holds barred.
The few moments of violence are brutal, the mood is dark and the way the writing style original. Numerous references to poets, noir writers and music add some extra flavor to the story.
Another main plot point seemed to be the way America has influenced Ireland. A point that for me got a bit tiring.
All in all, an original piece of work that, as cliche as it might sound transcends the genre.