Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Snowblind (Julie Collins) by Lori Armstrong

As loyal readers of this blog know by now I'm a big fan of Lori's work and this novel doesn't disappoint. Julie Collins, tough cigarette-smoking, cursing, tequila-swilling PI is hired to check out the assisted living home of a young woman's father. Her partner, Kevin quickly falls in lust with this woman, complicating things. Soon they found out there's a lot of rotting schemes out there, involving a group of volunteers that only seem to be about the old people's money.
That's not all there is to investigate for Julie though as a dead body is found on her dad's property and her lover, bad biker boy Martinex is threatened.
Even more than in her previous efforts Lori displays a crisp and direct writing style and manages to tie up all of the plot's loose ends. There's a very satisfying amount of sex and violence while still giving us insights into Julie's damaged psyche and painful past.
This is probably the last Julie Collins mystery and I'll be missing her a lot. Good thing to know Lori has started writing a new series.

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