Monday, December 22, 2008

Cross (Jack Taylor) by Ken Bruen

Ken does it again…. He tells us a story that is as much about a man and his place in the world as a crime story. In fact, the first part of it is mostly about how Jack Taylor tries to come to grips with the failures of the past and the guilt that haunts him. Also, he is our tour guide to the ever-changing, Irish city Galway.
As the story progresses however, we also see how he tries to solve a grisly murder (a crucifixion) and encounters true evil in the form of a young girl. Jack remains utterly hardboiled but also shows his compassionate side when he learns of the medical condition of his friend Ridge.
Every page a gem in some way or another, every line one to reminder, full of great quotes and a fantastic sense of place and atmosphere Ken Bruen again shows us why his work created all the buzz in the hardboiled community.

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