Monday, May 24, 2010

Vanilla Ride (Hap & Leonard) by Joe Lansdale

Get ready for an insane, fastpaced ride because the original blue collar amateur PI tagteam Hap & Leonard are back. The two friends help out an old friend whose daughter is caught up with a drugdealer. When they try to get her away from him they tangle with the Dixie mafia however and get caught up in a bloodbath. The only way not to get their asses slammed in jail is help out the FBI. Lucky for them they've got a few badass characters to help them along. And then they meet Vanilla, the blonde hitwoman that gives the novel it's title...
The chapters are short, the plot is thin and the action is as furious as the jokes are funny. Don't read this if you're hoping to read a literary work of art... DO read this if you Spenser's quips aren't dirty enough and Lee Child's action is too tame.

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