Saturday, July 2, 2011

Highway 61 (Rushmore McKenzie) by David J

David Housewright has been putting out the consistently entertaining Rush McKenzie series for a couple of years now but this is his best.
McKenzie, both rich and an ex-cop does favors for friends. This time he helps out someone who is not exactly a friend. The ex-husband of his girlfriend is being blackmailed, having ended up in a motel with a dead young girl. When McKenzie tries to do something about it he gets involved in a prostitution ring, crazy gangster brothers, arsonists and some of the most powerful people in the Twin Cities.
This is one of the darker books in the series as we see how McKenzie struggles to stay into the light while the problems he faces drag him into the dark further and further.
This novel really has it all, a cool hero, action, a lot of twists and intrigue. This might end up being my favorite PI novel of 2011.

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