Wednesday, August 3, 2011

13 Million Dollar Pop (Frank Behr) by David Levien

David Levien's work gets stronger every novel. PI Frank Behr is back, working for a private security company, having decided to get more steady work because his girlfriend is pregnant. On a executive protection job Frank is fired upon, motivating him to find out who took a shot at him and the man he was hired to protect.
Gunning for them is a Welsh hitman, a great character that would have made this book a worthy read on his own. But we get more... There's sidekick Decker, a metal-loving cop and ex-Marine who's as tough as Behr but considerably younger, giving a very modern feeling to the ''classic'' hardboiled story.
The best part of the novel is the writing though. The style could be compared to Michael Connelly's almost journalistic prose but even more hardboiled.
A definite contender for Sons of Spade's favorite PI novel of 2011.

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