Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hardboiled Collective: Skintight Shroud & Bullet For One by Dundee & Drake

As founder of the Hardboiled Collective I want to point out there's two fantastic ebooks out there you don't want to miss. They're written by two guys who really appreciate PI fiction and now how to write them themselves.
There's Wayne Dundee's The Skintight Shroud, featuring Joe Hannibal, a PI that has been around for years. This is a chance to read this classic on your Kindle you shouldn't pass up. Read how the Rockford PI solves murders in Illinois' adult movie industry.

Also, there's Brian Drake's "Bullet For One"
John Coburn is a private eye who wo’t let the law stand in the way of justice.

Five years ago Coburn watched as his father was gunned down by a masked man. Tortured by the fact that the killer was never caught, Coburn fights the feelings of failure that haunt his every waking moment.

Now, history has repeated itself. When his best friend Felix is murdered after agreeing to protect a witness, Coburn dives in to catch the killer before the police and FBI. Battling official law enforcement and his own demons, Coburn turns over every lead, rattles every cage, and stretches his own moral code to the breaking point. As he digs deeper into a mystery that involves a team of thieves, corrupt businessmen, and a mafia kingpin with a price on his head, Coburn realizes that revenge has a cost he cannot calculate.

If he fails, can he live with another ghost?

If he succeeds, can he live with the consequences?

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