Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday (Burleigh Drummond) by Kent Westmoreland

Burleigh Drummond is an interesting character. He's not an unofficial PI, more of a fixer for the New Orleans wealthy. He doesn't carry a gun, but he's not afraid to throw some punches and blackmail people as shown in this cool short story that serves as a great way to get to know this character.
The Kindle version offers two version: one ''clean'' version that appeared on the always fantastic Thrilling Detective site and a version that appeared in an erotic anthology that will make your pulse pound. Choose whichever version you want, they both offer the same good story.
In a Cinderella retelling Drummond sets off to return a purse to a beautiful young woman and uncovers dirty secrets.
The dialogue flows nicely, plotting is suitably fast-paced and the New Orleans setting interesting.
Pretty good! Get it here.

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