Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Post Pattern (Burnside) by David Chill

David Chill told me in an interview he was inspired by Les Roberts and his Saxon series and it shows. Clean, well-paced writing and a fine murder mystery balanced by just enough of the protagonists' social life .
Burnside used to be a cop until a young streetwalker he took under his wing betrayed his trust. In this first novel he's hired to investigate why a football players was shot at on a California freeway.
Along the way he gets involved in a murder case, meets lots of sexy young co-eds and falls in love.
As an ex-cop and ex-football player Burnside (no last name in homage to Saxon, not Spenser as you might think) knows how to take care of himself, and that is a good thing too because the bad guys try to take him out resulting in a spectacular car chase for one. Don't think this is Jack Reacher territory though, it's a nice solid first person PI mystery in the vein of Les Roberts, Robert B. Parker and Stephen Greenleaf.

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