Friday, February 7, 2014

Killpoint (Mark Tanner) by Michael Beck

I was expecting a story that was more amateur sleuth than PI... What I got was a story so action-packed it would make Lee Child blush.
Mark Tanner is a wise-cracking ex-Army veteran now making a living as a personal trainer and sometime-bounty hunter. His best friend is Bear, who wears a prosthetic arm filled with gadgets. There's another man with prosthetics, Mole, who uses his extra fingers to hunt down the information on the digital highway Tanner needs. Tanner agrees to train a young and attractive tennisplayer but when she disappears is forced to track her down and face some enemies from his dark past.
The incredible toughness of Tanner, the many fights and the gadgets The Mole and Bear carry takes this story a bit too much into pulp / Doc Savage territory sometimes, but basically the story is very entertaining.
Tanner's backstory is very large and an important part of this story. Sometimes it feels like the author put a bit too much story into one novel but will have to admit I stayed glued to the pages during the entire narrative.

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