Friday, March 21, 2014

The Payback Game (Frank Boff) by Nathan Gottlieb

This is already the fourth novel in the excellent Frank Boff series. This time the ex-DEA agent is hired by a newspaper columnist to find out who killed a young reporter. Of course Boff is helped by boxer Cullen and his many contacts on both sides of the law. Along for the ride is a young female reporter who butts heads with Boff & Cullen on a regular basis, adding some laughs and chuckles. The bad guys are well represented by bikers, mobsters and crooked cops, so expect Boff & Cullen to get in serious danger.
I noticed a small shift in the writing style, reminding me a bit more of Lee Child instead of the usual John Sanford. As always the dialogue is very entertaining and the descriptions of food made me hungry.
Boff shows what an unique character he is once again as he shows how far he will go for justice without ever having to lift a weapon himself. The thinking man's hardboiled detective struts his stuff once again...

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