Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (Nick Forte) by Dana King

Dana King sure knows how to start a novel. The violent opening shows us very clearly that his Nick Forte is one tough customer. He has plenty of opportunity during the course of this novel which seemed just a tad more action-packed than the first one (A Small Sacrifice).
Hired to bodyguard an actor who is quite an annoying pig Forte ends up hunting for the Maltese Falcon! That's one Macguffin that is appropiate to a PI story, right?
King really knows his hardboiled prose. I really enjoyed the lean and mean writing style and the great use of Chandlerisms that never got stupid, annoying or forced.
Forte might not be the most original of the PI's but he is sure as hell one of the most satisfying ones.
Solid PI stuff.

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