Friday, May 8, 2015

High Lie (Miami Jones) by A.J. Stewart

Miami Jones is a PI working in Palm Beach together with his partner Ron. Miami is more or less a PI in the Elvis Cole mode, that is he owes a lot to Spenser. He's got a lot of Cole's laidback style and a psycho sidekick like Cole and many private eyes that came after Spenser have.
He's not the most original PI to come along, but surely one of the most enjoyable ones. Both very human but tough enough to face the baddies Jones is one to watch for.
I must say his partner Ron seemed a bit dull to me and I really don't think there's much for him to do that sidekick Lucas (Australian ex-SAS) wouldn't be able to do. Jones' significant other is a likable character, she's a deputy sheriff so she can take care of herself better then, say, Susan Silverman.
When a young boy is fished out of the water by Miami's pal Lucas he sets out to investigate who and why dumped the kid in the water. He gets involved with some shady characters involved with gambling and the kind of forgotten sport Jai Alai.
The story flows nicely, without too much fluff / scenes to just fill the pages. The mystery is good enough and the action is well-written and easy to follow.
Will be reading more in this series.

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