Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hail Storme (Wyatt Storme) by W.L. Ripley

For me, Storme Warning, the first new book in the Wyatt Storme series was the first one I read by W.L. Ripley. I loved it, so I am happy to see the older books being reprinted. This one is the first in the series and first came out in 1993 as "Dreamsicle" after a drug that appears in the book. I must say I like the new title a lot better.
This novel tells how Vietnam veteran and ex-NFL player Wyatt Storme meets superspook Chick Easton and stumbles upon a field full of marijuana. When the local sheriff is killed Storme investigates.
This is again, Spenser-type adventure and mystery. Fast-paced, witty and All American Hero kind of writing. Just the kind of stuff I like.Ripley's newer writing is maybe just a bit tighter than this first novel, but it still reads as one impressive debut.

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