Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Brooklyn Justice (Nick Ventura) by J.L. Abramo

J.L. Abramo introduces us to his new PI Nick Ventura who is a lot more hardboiled than his Jake Diamond character. In this hybrid of novel and anthology he serves up five tales which are strongly connected.
Nick is like a an old fashioned pulp era PI in a modern world. The prose is written in that style and he is pretty much a guy in the classic Sam Spade mould, way more than sensitive PI's like Elvis Cole or Spenser.
The tales are good enough, but none of them really stood out. I also thought Ventura just lacked a few standout characteristics to make him stand out from the crowd. Still, they format used was interesting enough and the stories had a nice mix of action an mystery.
Not bad, but I liked the Jake Diamond series just a bit more.

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