Monday, January 30, 2017

What You Break (Gus Murphy) by Reed Farrel Coleman

Anyone who was worried when the Moe Prager series came to an end can stop worrying now for sure. The first one in the new Gus Murphy series wasn't just a lucky strike.  The second one is just as good.
Former Suffolk county cop Gus is hired to investigate why the adopted daughter of a wealthy businessman, uncovering a dark past. Meanwhile, he also gets involved with the dark past of his friend Slava, having to face a dangerous Russian mercenary. Gus' relationship with his ex-wife has some important developments as well his relationship with his new girlfriend deepens.
The writing is as solid as ever. There's enough investigating going on, the characters are lively, their dark pasts interesting. There's also a fair bit of action, more than in the Prager books.
This is really shaping up to be a solid new series, a hardboiled story that has firm roots in the pulp tradition but adds a haunting dark poetic style to it.

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