Monday, April 24, 2017

Dark Fissures (Rick Cahill) by Matt Coyle

Matt Coyle's first two novels in this series were pretty well-received, and I enjoyed them a lot as well. The third one is good follow-up to those two, still having a bit different and a bit more action-packed feel than the first one. That action-packed feel comes from the fact the case Rick Cahill takes on in this one involves Navy SEALS.
Hired by country singer Brianna to find out if her husband's suicide wasn't really a murder he tangles with both Navy SEALS and the local cops.
Falling for the lady the case starts to get personal and Cahill has to prove just how tough he is.
Cahill is not the most unique or original character but he is engaging and feels real. The same goes for the plot. There's parts we've read before but Coyle ties it all together in such an enjoyable tale it is very satifsying.
Pretty fast-paced, well narrated but absolutely true to the legacy Raymond Chandler left this is the stuff dreams are made of if you're a PI fan.

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