Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Jersey Noir (Jack Colt) by William Baer

This is a book you should read in as little sittings as possible if you want to follow the story. You see, there's a literary bend in here with not alway linear storytelling, a lot of characters and some surprising twists and turns. It's also written in a style that is most of the time pretty much conventional for a PI story but every now and then gets way more creative. Don't worry though, Jack Colt is also a very cool protagonist, always wearing a black suit and shades and a gun. He's also a descendant of the famous gun maker, ain't that cool?
The whole story which follows Colt's investigation of his uncle's murder and a lot of other surrounding cases can also be read as a love story about New Jersey, full of references to places, people and events there.
The author is a poet as well as a crime witer and that shows in this original and literary PI tale.

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