Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Ballast Point Breakdown (Rolly Waters) by Corey Lynn Fayman

In this fourth novel in the Rolly Waters series the guitar-playing private detective gets pulled into a strange case involving dolphins when a woman crawls from a boat on fire and screams about the return of Arion. The investigation touches some weird and interesting areas like dolphins used for warfare, a very dysfunctional family and the involvement of a punk rocker and animal-rights organzations.
There are so many things pulled into the story that it can get a bit confusing sometimes. I have to applaud the author though for making this a tale very different plotwise from most PI stories. The characters are very original. I especially enjoyed Rolly's dad who gets some very funny lines.
And of course, I love PI's who are involved in the music biz like my own Lenny Parker.

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