Friday, April 6, 2007

Blue Screen (Sunny Randall) by Robert B. Parker

A common tradition in comics is the team-up of two series characters. Parker does the same here in this Sunny Randall novel by having his PI combine forces and share sheets with his other series character Jesse Stone.
It's interesting to see Sunny's view of Jesse. There are the usual observations of Parker about relationships, some run-ins with mob thugs and a few good one-liners. The mystery itself isn't very interesting and there's not much action. A friend of a B-actress is murdered with various Hollywood and gangster types as suspects. Sunny is hired to bodyguard the actress and after a few chapters gets involved in the
homicide investigation. During this investigation she comes to grips with the fact her ex-husband is becoming a father.
Not Parker at his best, but a more interesting read than the usual work he's delivered the last five years purely based on the team-up.

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