Saturday, April 14, 2007

Still River (Henry Oswald) by Harry Hunsicker

In this novel we first meet Dallas P.I. Lee Henry Oswald. The sister of an old friend hires him to track down the missing friend / brother. When he learns the brother has been murdered he sets out to bring the killer to justice.
Doesn't sound like a story you've never read before, does it? Well, you're right but that's part of the fun. If you like private eyes like Spenser, Cole or early Lehane you'll love this. It has psychotic sidekicks, hot babes, gunfights and dangerous mobsters... And of course a tough-as-nails, meth-using, ass-kicking ex-Special Forces hero.
There's some nice touches that add a sense of humour to the story like the fact Oswald is a bad shot (ironic with a name like that), apparently has a history of being unlucky or at least a bastard when it comes to love. Some added drama comes from his comatose mentor and the sad history of the female lead character Nolan.
All in all, a great read if you're looking for a book that has all you love about P.I. books but were afraid to ask for...

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