Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Death Is No Bargain (Emerson Ward) by Michael W. Sherer

Emerson Ward has got a lot in common with Travis McGee like the reviews in the book say.
Not only does he work for favors in a McGee-like manner he also seems to believe in sex as therapy and can get pretty philosophical sometimes.
In this novel he sets out to find a missing girl after he first saved her from a night of booze. Also, he has to face the prospect of becoming a father.
He's a very, likeable, everyman kind of character which made me feel for and identify with him.
I thought the book started pretty fast and exciting but later on the pace felt a little slow and too softboiled for me. The scenes that take place in the monastery took a bit too long for me. At the end the action picks up however, making it still a satisfying enough read.
A nice change of pace after more hardboiled books, but avoid it if you're addicted to the more hardboiled stuff or a more fast-paced thriller style.

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