Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Watchman (Joe Pike) by Robert Crais

Character is key in this new novel by Crais. Elvis Cole makes way for his partner Joe Pike as leading man like he partly did in his break-through LA Requiem.
As he did there he further deconstructs sidekick Pike, giving us a look at his past and how he became the efficient mercenary he is now.
Unfortunately, the plot seems to suffer from it. It’s pretty straightforward story that has him protecting a young, Paris Hilton clone in trouble because she witnessed an accident. On the run with her he faces off against federal agencies and gangsters until he confronts the bad guys in a final shoot-out with the aid of Elvis. Not too many surprises or twists to keep the story exciting. I did, however, enjoy the dialogue with the Hilton clone and the changing viewpoints kept it all interesting enough to make it an enjoyable read.

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