Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gravewriter (Billy Povich) by Mark Arsenault

Reporter and gambling addict Billy Povich owes some bad guys a lot of money. After the car crash that killed his wife he lost his job and now is writing obituaries. He has a deep need for revenge, wanting to kill the man he holds responsible for his ex-wife's death.
When he is called for jury duty he gets personally involved when his reporter instincts tell him the man on trial is innocent of murdering an escaped convict.
There's a lot that makes this a terrific read. There's Billy's bond with his son and dad, the colorful lawyer he helps out, the dark themes of the book that never get really depressing...
Billy is absolutely an original character, different enough from the PI-types we've seen before but still has enough of the archtype in him to be popular with fans of the genre.

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