Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Judgement & Wrath (Joe Hunter) by Matt Hilton

Matt Hilton seems to be determined to be the new Lee Child. His hero Joe Hunter is every bit the action hero Mr. Reacher is. In this second outing he is hired by a wealthy man to get his daughter away from a rich wifebeater.
When he observes the girl however he has to prevent her from getting killed by a sinister hitman called Dandalion.
This second novel worked better then the first, the plot seemed to flow more naturally and the action was easier to follow.
While Dandalion was a great villain he was a bit too over the top maybe, more in James Bond territory then I like.
Hunter is a great tough guy though and I'm eagerly awaiting the third one. I do hope however that the structure where a Hunter-chapter is alternated by a chapter from the villain's point of view is not present in it.
I'm afraid this idea might get a bit stale too fast.


Matt Hilton said...

Thanks for another well-balanced review. It's very much appreciated, and your point on alternating chapters taken into consideration.
One little thing. The villain is called Dantalion, with a 't' and not Dandalion - just for clarity.
Hope you also like the forth-coming SLASH AND BURN, which should be released around Mrach/April next year.
Best wishes

Paul D. Brazill said...

Dead Men's Dust is a fave of mine so I look foward to this.

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