Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slash and Burn (Joe Hunter) by Matt Hilton

The first two novels in this series may have been actionpacked, but this one takes the cake. It's like a Steven Seagal movie in bookform. Joe Hunter is back, helping out the sister of a dead friend from his time with Special Forces. For her he takes on psychotic twins and a knife-wielding businessman in a tale of non-stop gunfire, car chases and fistfights.
If you think Lee Child is too boring, this is your book!
I could do with just a bit less action next time around and a bit more suspense. Judging by the preview of the next one in this series I will get my wish, making this still one of my favorite series.


Sue H said...

It's a really good review! And I agree with the comment about LC - I love the Reacher books but after Joe Hunter I now find Jack a bit - monotonous at times.

Bit please - don't let Hollywood put Steven Segal in Joe Hunter's shoes!

Maybe we need to hold a poll to see which actor would make Joe come to life!

Glaznost said...

I have to admit, i was a bit concerned when you said "Steven Segal". I've thought for many years now that his films are utter poo, and i really rate the Joe Hunter series!
Having read the review, i'm now thoroughly relieved! I agree totally, i think that S&B was the most action packed yet and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sue, i'm torn with actors for Hunter. Sean Bean has been a little too typcast but is a good action style actor, but i'm not sure he's got the gravitas to play hunter properly.

If not him, then, er, i'm sure there's more than one northern actor but i can't think of any others right now...

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks for the cool review Jochem.

I take the Steven Seagal reference as the compliment intended. I think this will get a debate of 'who would play Joe Hunter in a movie' started!

All the best and very glad you enjoyed the book. Hopefully you'll find the suspense of Cut and Run up to scratch, mate.

best wishes