Monday, September 10, 2012

No Going Back (Joe Hunter) by Matt Hamilton

Joe Hunter is off on a somewhat different direction. He is now officialy working for his old buddy Rink, a PI. He takes on the jobs that are a bit messier than a regular PI would take on.
After a stop in the UK he travels to the US desert to find a rich man's missing daughter. He ends up confronting a family that makes the guys from The Hills Have Eyes look like pushovers.
I always like Matt's books, but this one was even better than usual. I really liked the desert setting, the new direction of the series and the way the book was structured. Viewpoints from the victims, the bad guys and Joe were nicely mixed together for maximum thrilling effect.
If you're reading Lee Child and haven't given Matt Hilton a try... This is the one to start out with.

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