Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching Water In A Net (Jake Diamond) by JL Abramo

It's great the Jake Diamond mysteries are made available by Down & Out Press, giving all PI fans a chance to enjoy the tales of this San Francisco eye.
Jake likes classic novels, Mylanta, Dickels and his secretary Darlene. He's not the most hardboiled of detectives, being a former actor not an ex-cop or soldier. Luckily, he's got some friends in the underworld to protect him and provide the occasional muscle.
In this debut Jake tries to find out who murdered his mentor, Jimmy Pigeon and encounters his ex-wife and the woman he slept with right after his falling out with her. That makes this investigation a personal one on different fronts.
The mystery is good enough to make this an okay read but what makes this one really worth your time is the great narrative voice of Jake Diamond. Wry and very funny he is the ideal companion to walk the San Francisco and LA streets with.
I'm sure as hell going to read the second one in this series.

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