Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thicker Than Water (Leo Waterman) by GM Ford

What a joy to have Leo Waterman back again! As this story starts he's not working as a PI anymore, finally living from his trustfund. When his old love, Rebecca, vanishes he's back in the game however, trying to track her down. During this investigation he gets involved with a boat repo man and some very nasty bad guys, among which a very dangerous MMA fighter. Luckily, the bunch of homeless people that served as his sidekicks are back again as well, standing by the reluctant hero in an ending that is a bit more gung-ho than Leo is used to.
I loved this book. In fact, I loved it enough to accept Frank Corso (GM Ford's newshawk hero) won't be back again. Leo is just as funny as twelve years ago and along the way the investigation is pretty interesting and credible. The villains were dangerous enough to make me really worry about Leo.
Laughs, action, mystery and heartbreaks. This one has it all.

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