Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jianghu (Randall Lee) by Charles Colyott

Randall Lee has become a friend of mine and I've fallen in love with his girlfriend. That means I'm eager to see how they are doing every time a new book starring them comes out.
Both aren't doing too well at the start of this one, the aftermath of the previous novel is pretty big and that seems only realistic.
The links between his own murdered child and a missing girl prompt Randall to aid an investigator who specializes in missing children. What he uncovers is such a big steaming mess of vile shit you will feel like you have to wash yourself after reading this story. Luckily Randall's sense of humor is still intact so he can guide us through this dark world without it all becoming so dark you can't finish it.
Aiding him are a serial killer who kills serial killers (and makes Dexter look like a pussy), a hacker girl and his old mentor who would have left The Karate Kid blubbering like a baby. Together they face rapists, killers and freaky sex using martial arts, knives and crazy steroids. This one is a much a horror story (without supernatural elements) as a detective story. That's no surprise though because Charles has written a lot of horror in his day.
In fact, there's several links to Charles' other fiction (like a story in Uncommon Assassins) that make this read extra interesting if you've read more by this author. Randall is part of what seems to be a regular Collyotverse.
I will be there in Randall's next one and the teaser at the ending of this novel made sure I am already counting the days until I can read it.

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