Friday, January 17, 2014

Thread of Hope (Joe Tyler) by Jeff Shelby

At first I was disappointed when this one first came out. Why wasn't Jeff writing another Noah Braddock novel? Well, let me tell you I shouldn't have been.
In this novel we meet Joe Tyler. This ex-cop has become an unlicensed investigator specializing in tracking down missing children after his own child went missing. He returns home when an old friend is in the hospital and accused of beating up a teenage girl. Investigating this he becomes involved with a missing girl, her rich dad and his dangerous female bodyguard. Also, he has to face his ex-wife and try and find out where their relationship is at now.
Joe Tyler is an interesting tough guy. A bit darker than your average Marlowe-type and his specialization and the reason he's got it makes him extra compelling.
What I enjoyed even more about this one is the writing. Very to the point, dialogue driven, hardboiled stuff. I always love it when a writer leaves out the parts people skip (as Elmore Leonard would say).

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