Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Loyalty (Fina Ludlow) by Ingrid Thoft

VI Warshawski for the new millenium... That's how you could describe Fina Ludlow. She's the black sheep of a family of wealthy lawyers. She isn't afraid of some casual sex (with a fuckbuddy / massage therapist) or threatening people with a gun. In fact, she's a pretty tough cookie although she does get beaten up several times in this novel.
She investigates the disappearance of her sister-in-law and discovers some dirty secrets of her brother and his daughter. Secrets involving high-class callgirls and gangsters.
I liked Fina. She's a spunky girl and certainly hardboiled without becoming a man with boobs. I liked the story in general but thought the novel might have benefited from cutting some scenes. The plot just doesn't seem to ask for more than 400 pages. At 300 it might have been better paced.

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