Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Devil May Care (Rush McKenzie) by David Housewright

It's so good to have someone in your life you can depend on. McKenzie is one of those guys for me, even if he is fictional. Every year there's an entertaining new novel coming out that never lets me down.
In this one the cop-turned-millionaire-adventurer is asked by the daughter of an old enemy to track down her missing lover. It turns out this lover might not be who he said he was and soon McKenzie is involved with a psycho badguy, the FBI and Mexican Mafia.
Besides this main plot we see how the relationship between McKenzie and his spunky lover Nina contintues in what might be the best relationship in a PI novel since Spenser & Susan.
I read this one in no time. David doesn't exactly leave out the parts people skip like Elmore Leonard but has a fun, easy to read style that has you turning the pages quickly and the tone is so perfectly mixed between light and dark you are always in the mood for more.
Looking forward to the next one next year.

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Ron Smyth said...

I have been reading this series and enjoying them but I have not been quite as impressed as you seem to be. Mind you I'm only up to MADMAN ON A DRUM. Rush is a likable protagonist, though he lacks a certain something to make him a standout, but these books are certainly worth reading.