Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hang Time (Greg Salem) by SW Lauden

This series seems to be written with me in mind. It combines two of my greatest loves: punk rock and private eyes. Too bad it seems to be the last one.
Greg Salem's life might just be going the right way finally after some scarring adventures and dark and violent past. His band, Bad Citizen Corporation is
together again and on tour.
When Greg is hired to spy on the pop star wife of a rich producer his life gets dark again though. And when young men are found hanging on ropes with a reference to his brother who committed suicide his life is in a downward spiral again full of booze, violence and pain.
The pacing of his novel is just as fast as the punk rock songs being referenced through out. There's twists and turns and intense feelings of lust, pain and anger. Yeah, it's not just the fact Greg is in a punkrock band that this feels like a punk rock crime novel. It just has that feel, that attitude and energy.
Talk about energy... You can see Steve Lauden used to be in punk bands himself. The scenes with the band read so real. As a rock journalist in my spare time I know the scene pretty well and Mr. Lauden just manages to convey so well how it is and feels, it's impressive.
Awesome, awesome stuff. I will really mis Greg Salem.

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