Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tampa Two (Burnside) by David Chill

Burnside is back again and it's good to read about him. What makes this series cool is that aside from a good mystery story in every book you get to follow how his private life progresses. These moments of his private life are always very well balanced with the main plot, so nowhere I felt like skipping those pages. The scenes with his kid really took me back to the days when my own kid was four years old and brought a smile to my face every time.
This time the case is kind of personal as Burnside is asked for help by the teenage prostitute that cost him his badge. There's also a case of suspected adultery he has to investigate.
Both mysteries are well written and have interesting and surprising endings. Burnside is as always a  nice almost everyman kind of guy who however can be very tough when he needs to be.
Another solid entry in a solid series.

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