Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Cut (Lucas Spero) by George Pelecanos

George Pelecanos does PI's again! After several standalones he's back with a great new series character, Lucas Spero. This ex-soldier works as a PI for a lawyer and specializes in getting recovering stolen items.
Hired by a jailed drug dealer to get his stuff back he has to confront a dangerous crew of criminals, endangering one of his brother's (a teacher)students.
This is a crime novel, not a mystery but there's some nice twists along the way.
Spero is vintage Pelecanos, a new version of his earlie series character Nick Stefanos. He's got some Greek roots, loves Spaghetti westerns and pulp fiction, smokes weed... He also loves to ride a bike and likes to kayak.
The writing is nice and hardboiled, as always with Pelecanos the little peek into the life on the mean streets of Washington is interesting and feel authentic.
Bonus scenes include the parts where Lucas' brother teaches kids about great writers like Elmore Leonard and Richard Stark. They might not be totally necessary for the plot, but they made this novel stand out from the rest I read this month.

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