Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Jack Tunney out by Wayne Dundee!

Here's another cool novella inspired by the old boxing pulps with Jack Tunney mentioned as an author. Each entry in this series is written by a different writer under the Tunney-name, however. They alreday has some great talent doing these (like Paul Bishop) and now they even got Wayne Dundee, one of my favorite writers (of the Joe Hannibal novels fame) doing one.

The story is set in Milwaukee, 1954, and features Danny "The Duke" Dugronski, an ex-Marine who's earned a respectable reputation as a solid regional heavyweight --- until the Mob tries to muscle in and force him into some rigged fights. Before it's over, they find out that Danny is a fighter who's willing to stand his ground and slug it out with any opponent, no matter who it is.

Check out Counterpunch here.

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