Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dead And Not So Buried (Gideon Kincaid) by James L. Conway

In this exciting action-packed story we follow PI and mystery writer Gideon Kincaid as he tries to find out who stole the bones of a dead Hollywood star. There's a very personal link to Gideon and the Gravesnatcher it turns out. We see the story unfold through the eyes of the villain (besides those of Gideon), a failed actor, who wants to get revenge on the people that ruined his carreer. This view especially gives a nice satirical edge to the story. James Conway has been a writer and producer and that shows, he servers up a great insider's view of Hollywood.
There's a lot of action scenes (explosions, car chases) that makes you feel this is a Shane Black movie or something. Aside from those scenes there's a lot of laughs inside the pages and the plot is very thriller-like. All these elements make this not only a good read for the hardcore PI fan but also for fans of thrillers by Deaver or Sanford.
I especially enjoyed the scenes between Gideon and his ex-wife and the ones with his lovely and witty  assistant. All in all, I'm looking forward to the second one in this series.

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