Friday, April 5, 2013

Guilt (A Noah Milano novella) for free!!!

Haven't read my fiction yet? The next four days offers a great opportunity for it. My newest novella, GUILT will be free for your Kindle.
Check it out here:
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The story:
Years ago Noah Milano was the son and bodyguard of gangster boss Robert Milano. He was forced to shoot Lisa Waxman's father, turning her into an orphan, saddling him with a lifetime of guilt.
Now, Noah Milano has broken off all ties to his father and tries to make an honest living as a security specialist. He finds out Lisa's stepfather is accused of being one of the vilest, most sadistic serial killers of California. This is Noah's chance to find redemption. He swears to prove his innocence. It seems not everyone agrees with his quest, though. Soon not only Noah but his dearest friends are in mortal danger...
What makes this one extra cool is the short flashback in the first chapter to Noah's past and the fact this is the longest Noah Milano story since the novel White Knight Syndrome.

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