Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Gentleman's Hour (Boone Daniels) by Don Winslow

The only bad thing about this novel is the fact I haven't heard of another in this series coming out soon or ever.
Boone Daniels, the surfing PI is back (after his debut in The Dawn Patrol) and hired by the defense council where his girlfriend works  to prove the kid of a wealthy guy didn't kill a surfing legend. Boone's friends don't agree with this client though, causing the PI to drift away from them.
Investigating the case Boone clashes with a MMA instructor and a bunch of skindheads. Then there's the matrimonial case he takes on for a friend, trying to find out if his wife is cheating on him. The case comes with a few surprises, one of which being it leads the cops to arrest Boone as a suspect in a murder case.
There's a lot to like to this one... The plot is good and interesting as are the characters. The chapters are fast-paced and short. The writing style is very original. There's some good action scenes and Boone is a true tough guy hero but still believable. The story is set firmly in the now and never feels like a pulpy pastiche.
This is how to write a modern PI story, ladies and gentlemen...

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