Friday, July 19, 2013

Free Fiction: The Baby Trade part 4 (A Summer Black Serial)

Here's the 4th chapter of my new free serial of hardboiled fiction, starring Summer Black, the woman the streetwalkers of LA call when they have no one else to turn to...

The Baby Trade part 4 (A Summer Black serial)
by Jochem Vandersteen
My hands were shaking and my back was sweaty. I was in my car but had to relax myself before I could drive. I was just too worked up to drive safely.
I’d seen a lot of death and violence in the Army, I had even killed there. That was violence from a distance mostly, though. Guns firing, seeing people drop more or less in the distance as a result. Non-personal. Delivering violence like I had just done to Donny was different. Messy. Eye to eye with blood, fear. I did my share of hand-to-hand combat in the Army, but that was during training, not during actual fights. I wasn’t sure where the darkness came from that made me able to do to another human being like what I did to Donny. Maybe it was the rage still deep inside of me about what the johns and pimps did to me when I was still on the streets. Maybe just anger about what assholes like Donny to women.
I took a few deep breaths. I had to focus on getting Charlene back. I had to get to that lawyer.
I took my cell phone and called the number on the business card, dialing *67 in front of the number so the receiving end wouldn’t see my caller ID.
“Ecclestone,” a deep voice answered.
“Hello? This is June White. I heard you’re specialized in adoption?” I’m afraid I’m not that good at coming up with aliases.
“That’s right. Are you looking to adopt?”
“Yes, yes I am.”
“Good. I might be able to help you. Visit my office tomorrow morning at nine.”
“Great, I’ll be there,” I said and disconnected.
So, that went easy so far. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to handle the visit to Ecclestone. I’d probably end up improvising. I do a lot of improvising when I help out old sisters. I’m not really trained for the stuff I do, but I seem to have a knack for it.
I drove home, made a sandwich, drank some water and took a long shower before turning in.

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