Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill) by Matt Coyle

This one has all the things a PI novel should have, in a timeless way. The premise is not original: a cop with a dark past (his wife was murdered and he was accused of this) retires and hides in a smaller city where a beautiful woman gets him involved with murder and blackmail, coming into conflict with the local cops. Matt Coyle is such a great writer this story is still one to remember. His pacing is excellent, the story never gets dull. He writes crisp prose, never writing a word too many. His discriptions are spot on, fight scenes move like lightning.
Rick Cahill, the protagonist starts out working in a restaurant and ends up a PI in the last chapter, so he will be sure to return. I already look forward to meeting him again and to learn more about who / why his wife was murdered.

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