Friday, September 11, 2015

Gold Coast Blues (Jules Landau) by Mark Krulewitch

Jules Landau returns, tougher than ever. We've seen him get a bit more hardboiled with every book and I like the fact he seems to have gained a bit more attitude.
Hired by a shady character to track down his missing girlfriend he gets involved with counterfeit expensive wine.
The fact wine is used as one of the reasons wrongdoings are being done is original. I am used to seeing either drugs or maybe art for that.
I liked the character of Amy, a psychic with a secret who has a love-hate thing going with Jules which made for some nice tension and fun dialogue.
There's some nice twist and turns to spice up the story, but a lot of it felt slow-moving. I'd say the novel could lose a page or 20.
Fairly standard, but not bad stuff. I will be along for the 4th one.

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