Friday, September 25, 2015

The Ashtabula Hat Trick (Milan Jacovich) by Les Roberts

If there's one prime example how to keep a series fresh for years it's this one.
Milan Jacovich as been around for about two decades now and I still love the guy. A few books ago Roberts made the brilliant idea to introduce sidekick K.O. Bannion, a young and angry man who gives the series the more modern edge it needs. With the introduction of Milan's new love the black homicide detective Tobe Blaine we have a great cast that reminds you of the old classic private eyes but still feels relevant and fresh.
In this novel  Jacovich and Bannion assist Blaine who investigates a number of homicides in Queenstown. What they encounter is redneck crooks, religious fanatics and a femme fatale.
Bannion gets enough asses to kick, Jacovich and Blaine's relationship deepens and there's some interesting moral questions being asked in the ending.
Awesome book.

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