Friday, September 25, 2015

Two Redheads & A Dead Blonde (Ronan Marino) by Lloyd L. Corricelli

This isn't a novel... It's a comic book! It's also full of the stuff I love so here's my review.
Former Air Force investigator Ronan Marino won the lottery and now spends his time collecting comics, playing  in a band and as a vigilante. When his girlfriend is found dead, the cops pick him up, suspecting him of murder.
There's some fast action as he takes on neo-nazi arsonists and various other thugs. The dialogue is pretty fun with lots of references to comic books. The art isn't fantastic but serves to tell the story.
Marino is a pretty cool character and the supporting cast will be sure to help him along the way to have some interesting stories.
Pick it up if you love both comics and PI's.
If you don't dig comics, you can also pick up the prose novel version by the way. I will!

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