Friday, December 11, 2015

Bad Citizen Corporation (Greg Salem) by S.W. Lauden

I love punkrock and metal. That's why my character Noah Milano listens to it and Lenny Parker is a roadie. I love the surfer setting in crime novels, ever since shows like High Tide on TV and the Dawn Patrol book. How cool is it when a writer combines the love of punkrock and surfing and combines it into a PI novel? THIS cool!
Greg Salems used to play in a punkband, Bad Citizen Corporation and became a cop. When he is being investigated for a shooting one of his friends gets killed. He sets out to investigate, delving into is own past as well as that of the victim.
There's some awesome scenes in this book, like the exciting climax that is made for Hollywood and the fantastic scene in  a punkrock club that made feel like I was there. I've been to a lot of punkrock shows and that scene described the sounds, the sights AND the feelings perfectly.
The feelings of Greg are written in a very compelling way and the book is as much about a punkrocker in his forties as much as a about a murder mystery. What is so well-done is that one never takes a backseat to the other. If you love crime novels or literary fiction about musicians you need to pick up this book.

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