Friday, December 4, 2015

Tropical Depression (Billy Knight) by Jeff Lindsay

You all know Dexter, tight? The serial killer targetting serial killers. If you haven't read the books you will have seen the TV show. What you might not know is that Dexter's creator published a less succesful book in the nineties, featuring fisherman / ex-cop Billy Knight. This is a reprint of that book.
Billy Knight lives in Key West, he moved there after his family got killed in LA. When an old friend from the force asks his help, trying to find out who killed his son during the LA riots Billy isn't planning to help him. He just doesn't want to face the demons he left behind there.
When something happens to his friend he decides to go to LA anyway and investigate. There he falls in love and faces an almost superhuman foe.
There are some pretty good action scenes in this book and Billy is a real knight in tarnished armour, carrying around some deep trauma. The kind of damaged, but tough character that makes for the best protagonist in (unofficial) PI novels.
The good news is that Jeff Lindsay followed up this one with a totally new book in the series, Red Tide that I will be reviewing as well.

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