Friday, December 11, 2015

Robert B. Parker’s The Devil Wins (Jesse Stone) by Reed Farrel Coleman

I'm a mystery fan. So when I read a crime novel my main interest is usually in how the plot unfolds. This time, that came second to the scenes where Jesse Stone ponders about his state in the world, his struggle with alcohol. His descriptions of a glass of whiskey made me all thirsty for one and I felt I was invited into the very most intimate life of a man I respect, understand and care for.
In this novel Jesse Stone investigates the death of two girls who went missing during their high school years. One of the cops in Jesse's team, Molly, has a connectioin to the girls and one of the other main cops in the series, Suitcase, has a chance to shine as well. The relationship to Jesse's officers is investigated in as much detail as the murder case, deepening the value of this novel and improving upon the framework created by the great Mr. Parker.
I also noticed Mr. Coleman managed to channel the specific rhytm Parker's prose seemed to have a bit more, which made me enjoy the book even more.
Perfect merging of the style of two great crime novelists.

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